Welcome to the Healthy Slimdown!

This website was created to help teen girls who are self concious about their bodies and weight. Our goal is to help you get a healthy weight, to maintain a healthy weight and to be happy and healthy! Our goal is to help you reach yours! We want to help you slimdown the healthy way and to lead a healthy lifestyle!
We'll be posting healthy recipes, tips & tricks on losing weight the healthy way, maintaining a healthy weight, fun food facts, reviews, workout routines, and much more!

What we believe:
You are what you eat. If your not feeding your body the right nutrients and minerals it needs to be healthy...it shows on the outside aswell. You can lead a happy and healthy life by giving your body what it needs to function right.

Love yourself. You are beautiful! You are special! You are loved! God makes no mistakes and He has a great plan for you. No matter what your going through right now, God is right there with you and He wants to help you. So let Him show you what He is cabable of!

Listen to your body. It's yours and you only have one life to take really good care of it. Treat your body well and listen to what it needs. If your body is craving some dark chocolate..eat some dark chocolate! (In moderation of course!) Not only is dark chocolate packed with great antioxidants, it also releases the same chemicals in your body that are released when your in love! There's always a reason your body is craving something. So don't be afraid to give your body what it needs.
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